“Raising vibrations and healing the soul.”

As an intuitive clairvoyant (clear knowing) clairsentient (clear feeling), empath with credentials as a Reiki master energy healer, metaphysical Reverend, Child and Youth counsellor, and artist; two types of readings have evolved. 

“Provides clarity in this now.”

Stones carefully chosen from Lake Ontario Shores have been hand-painted with symbols received and inspired during chakra readings, creating a ‘rune’ type divination tool. 

 SoulStones quickly bring focus to what your soul and higher self wants you to know literally front and center, providing clarity for this here and ‘Now’ moment. Honest and accurate reading are for your empowerment, your soul’s growth. 

FULL SESSION   (40 min)
"Shift your consciousness."

A SoulStones Reading on its own is quick and to the point, however, together with a Chakra Reading is a full session.

A table covered in rocks with various designs on them.
A close up of a key chain with seven different colored stones

"Awaken your gifts."

Using a Wand to amplify the energetic connection, first your energy field (aura) is cleared of undesirable or uncomfortable energies. Then, by tuning into YOUR energy, your psychic process is revealed. This aids in identifying and awakening your psychic abilities, as everyone has them.

Continuing, each chakra (energy vortex), are balanced and read. What comes forward, either symbols or knowledge, will be shared through channeled conversation. The session will organically flow into what is needed, for example to remove energy blocks or emotional scars with a process called psychic surgery. 

After a session you may at least feel lighter clear or more relaxed and at best they may be quite life shifting and profound. Either way, both readings are a unique experience.

"From the comfort of your home."

As a traditionally trained Reiki Master and an experienced Wand Artist, it was a natural progression to include a Wand to send healing energy, Wand Reiki was created. 

A crystal Wand works to focus and amplify intent to the client. No matter if you’re 2 feet away or 2000 miles away, the quality of the healing is intensified with the Wand.

Sessions focus on emotional soul healing, which is a major step in physical healing, making a distance session very effective.

A close up of a rock with white rocks

Particular points of focus:

  • Sensitive Children and Adults
  • Twin Flames
  • Star Seeds
  • Grief Support
  • Metaphysics
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Intuitive Counsel

Available for:

  • Parties and Events
  • Work Shops
  • Celebrations of Life
  • One to one teaching or coaching
  • Blessings
  • Hand Fasting
  • Transitions
  • Rites of Passage

All readings and energy work available by phone or online.

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