Crystal & Pewter Wands

“My years of experience in many different mediums all pale to this:
The ability to transform the earth's metals and gems into new inspirational forms. I continue to be enchanted."
~  Jordanna

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Posh Wands

My first Posh Wand was a spontaneous, whimsical sculpture for a wedding gift. I quickly realized that it was power-packed and went on to create others.  Posh Wands are enveloped with crystals. As a piece of art, meditation and energy tool, they pack a punch! They feel wonderfully soothing in the hand while meditating.

“Don’t stray from your heart’s intent.”

"Each piece is made one drop at a time. Drop by drop, drip by drip with Love.”
~ Jordanna

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A close up of the top part of a necklace

Custom Master Wands

The most powerful and sacred of the Wands are those created for you with you, your intent, ritual, and divine guidance.  During this time, my guides commune with your guides, and it becomes clear to me which crystals to use.

These are the Wands my entire life’s journey has prepared me to create for you. These are tools for the Masters:  Shamans, Seers, Healers and Wizards.

Please contact me to set up a time we can talk, either by phone or in person.  I will be happy to work with you and your guides “the old-fashioned way” so I can get a feel for what your personal Wand needs are.

“ I will whisper secrets in your ear, just nod yes, and be silent.”

A close up of two necklaces with different stones

Using Your Wand

Intention is everything when using your Wand. Crystals amplify energy and your intention, whether it's used for healing, creating a sacred space, manifestations, meditation, or ritual work. To clear the Wand's energy, use sage or moon light and request support for the highest good of all.

Amulets - Pendants with Intention

The amulets are suspended on a durable 100% cotton sliding cord.  The bale is large enough that this cord may be replaced with your choice of chain, ribbon, or silk.  I specialize in Lemurian Seed amulets, but I usually have a selection of various pendants and stones on hand.

A group of different types of jewelry hanging on a string.

* All pieces are created using lead-free, silver-bearing pewter and have copper (a great conductor) surrounding each element.  Both masculine and feminine energies are present in these metals.

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