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About Jordanna

Born in Toronto, Canada, my Father endowed me with European flavour and my Mother with artistic flair. I’ve always been a seeker, the child who asked “Why?”.

After graduating from a 4 year art program, I had various jobs in art, design, and typography. This was until life took a turn and I landed as a caregiver to a young child.  I later came to believe that this child had Asperger’s Syndrome – a diagnosed that was later confirmed. I realized I was actually performing the job of a Youth Counsellor which I further pursued through college.  This lead to working in classrooms with special education children and creating art instruction classes for them in various settings.

It was in North Bay, Ontario, which is abundant in beautiful stones,  that I first had the desire to make Fairy Wands.  I didn’t know it then, but my spiritual journey had begun.

“As you start to walk on your way, the way appears.
~ Rumi

A certificate of completion for an event.
A picture of two fairies with ribbons around them.

Continuing with my education, I received my Reiki Master status along with a few other healing modalities. From doing various psychic, art, and wellness shows it became apparent to me that I could use my wands as a tool for healing. I once again found myself getting the credentials for something I was already doing.  Enlightening, awaking, advising, and coaching people who found their way to me. I realize that everything I have done has led me to this: the Youth Counsellor, Artist and my spiritual quest. All that time making wands, I was truly following my calling.  So my Fairy Wands grew up to be healing wands and I grew into my role as an ordained Metaphysical Minister. Together, we grew into Wands & Wisdom.

It’s all for a reason!  What a journey!

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